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This idea is wholly that of Jen's from her oh-so-inspiring blog, "A Year of Living Charitably". When I read her blog, I felt challenged to see if I could do what she and her family are doing this year, extending some charitable act each and every day.

Won't you join us?

PS - I'm not a daily blogger, so if you want daily, definitely read Jen's blog. This blog is mostly for my own amusement. If you are also amused, please check back every once in a while.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Heal the Pain

Steve's mom, Berta, fell and shattered her kneecap three weeks ago. Now we are at our family reunion in a house that is so far from handicap accessible as to be almost impossible, and Berta is in a wheelchair with strict instructions to not put any weight on her leg. To get into the house you have to climb a full set of stairs. Then to get to any bedroom, you have to either climb up or down a full set of stairs.

In an effort to not be a bother, Berta was climbing up the stairs to bed on her bum, scooting up with her arms. It was late and she was very tired from a long day, and seems to have pulled a muscle in her back from the climb.

I used what little I know of Healing Touch to help ease the pain. I concentrated on sending as much healing energy as I could connect with through my hands and to the area.

I worked on her for about four hours over the course of a couple of days.

I was able to help her get her pain from an eight out of ten to a two out of ten and allowed her to get some much needed rest.

Definitely! Not only was I able to really help my mother-in-law, but I learned a lot about my ability to heal. And it had the side benefit of easing our relationship a bit.

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