The Challenge

This idea is wholly that of Jen's from her oh-so-inspiring blog, "A Year of Living Charitably". When I read her blog, I felt challenged to see if I could do what she and her family are doing this year, extending some charitable act each and every day.

Won't you join us?

PS - I'm not a daily blogger, so if you want daily, definitely read Jen's blog. This blog is mostly for my own amusement. If you are also amused, please check back every once in a while.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Site Administrator

My life coach has been a little frustrated (really just a little) because no one is really using her website. We had a committee meeting via conference call and I mentioned that the problem might be that the site isn't interactive - that it is too static. I thought a ning social networking site might be what she is looking for and offered to set it up for her. I've been having such a great time setting this up! I just love playing on the computer and figuring stuff out (unless what I'm trying to do is fix bugs, then I'm not so happy!). (I had to host the above picture somewhere - it is her heart portrait that we had commissioned last summer, so I'm sticking it here to add some color and to be able to link to it.)

WHAT I DID: Set up a social networking site for my life coach and fellow GUTS sisters.

HOW LONG: About a day.

IMPACT: Too soon to tell, but I'm really hoping that the site will help people connect, support each other and grow in their development.

WORTH IT? Well, I've had so much fun setting it up that all the rest of it is gravy - so yes, totally worth it. AND my coach is so happy and grateful.


  1. I LOVE, love, LOVE the heart art!

    Keep up the good work helping others (even when it's fun)! ;)

  2. Hi there! Great site. I've added a link to you from mine.

    I came over to actually request a good deed if you can take a few minutes to do it. A friend of a friend was in an accident and we're collecting some uplifting cards for her. You can read about it here if you want to help out.