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This idea is wholly that of Jen's from her oh-so-inspiring blog, "A Year of Living Charitably". When I read her blog, I felt challenged to see if I could do what she and her family are doing this year, extending some charitable act each and every day.

Won't you join us?

PS - I'm not a daily blogger, so if you want daily, definitely read Jen's blog. This blog is mostly for my own amusement. If you are also amused, please check back every once in a while.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Giant GS Cookie Project

Well, our girls sold their last box yesterday and then we gathered at our house for lasagne and Thin Mint ice cream.

Where have I been? Since Feb. 18, I have been helping four girls (then five, as we added a girl to our troop during and because of the sale) to try to sell 8000 boxes of cookies! They got to 6600 boxes, shy of their huge goal, but a huge success none the less. Of those, we have 427 boxes to deliver to our local food bank. I'm excited to think of the happy surprise those families will have when they go to pick up a box from the food bank and have a box of Mints or Samoas to enjoy!

WHAT I DID: counted, moved, recounted and moved again more boxes of cookies than I'd even like to think about! Counted stacks of money and reconciled everything every day. Stood for at least 150 hours at many booth sales - smiling and saying hello the entire time. Gave pep talks after the hard, slow days, and celebrated after the amazing days when they sold more than I thought possible. I also answered questions from other troop cookie managers and helped Steve with his part of supplying all the troops with cookies as much as I could.

HOW LONG: Ha!!! Probably about 250 hours.

There are many facets to this.
The impact on the girls - them knowing that they have such strong support for their goals, that they can push through colds and flu, tiredness, strange strangers, getting no after no after no to reach all those yeses, proving that they can do what most people didn't think they could do... They also earned enough money to go on a trip to Savannah this coming fall and do many other things they want to do.
The impact on our community - the girls would greet everyone who entered whatever store they were in front of with a warm welcome and let them go on their way with a sincere "Have a great day!" Most people left with a smile, whether they bought a box or not. They brightened up many a moment. The good will continues to spread as they deliver their boxes to the food bank to brighten up those boxes of rice, beans and peanut butter.
The impact on our GS Service Unit - helping make the sale easier for all the other troops allowed those girls to reach their goals and earn the money they need for their activities.
The impact on our GS Council - the cookie sale helps to support our local GS Council activities - summer camp, programs for troops, programs for underserved girls, etc.

WORTH IT? Yes - in so many ways. And how else can a small group of 11 and 12 year olds earn almost $9,000 in 25 days?

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  1. WOW! Now THAT'S a project! GREAT JOB! (Time to put your feet up, grab a cup of tea cookie?) ;)